Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hope and Prayer

Holy Mother

You looked resplendent today,
Happy,elated and smiling

I am so glad
You realized my predicament

The crimson candles melt away to nothingness at your holy feet
I watch with hands folded in silent prayer

You understand the meaning of Today.
You have given your promise.

I leave my hopes in your blessed hands
Mother of the world.

I place all my faith in you
And my everlasting love.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Divine Mother
Holy Mother
Many are your names
Many your manifestations
Limitless your love
And your kindness
My true  Mother
My worship is without condition
My devotion to you flows down the eons
All knowing Mother of the universe
All embracing Mother of Creation
Your children thrive in your care

Take care of her.
She is your beloved,
Although she doesn't realize it yet.
You are the great healer
Take care of her.
You are Love
Love Her as you love all of us.

You called me a week ago
After a long time
The three candles of creation, sustenance and dissolution
Burned at your feet
I bleed as the wax.

Take care of her
Holy of Holies.

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