Thursday, June 17, 2010

Holy Mother
Dearest of all Creation
My mentor

I am baffled.
What went wrong with Your Son's teachings over the two millennia ?
Correct me if I am wrong:
He taught about love, didn't He ? (John 13:34-35)
Wasn't that the foundation of the New Covenant ?
My Dear Mother, why do You test me so much !

You know I am not a Christian in the conventional sense. You know, virgin birth, resurrection and all that.

Maybe I am a Neo-Christian. A new kind of people following what the Nazarene taught. He was a great teacher. But, as after the Old Testament, two millennia have passed by. May be we need an expansion of His teachings. After all, that is what He himself said.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Most Holy Mother
On 3rd June 2010 you granted me what I had been asking you for so many years
But I had never Imagined You would be so graphic.

I have asked you so many times what you felt on Golgotha.
I only asked you what You felt watching the crucifixion of your own son
I never asked to be with you, Mother of God.

But you took me and placed me near you, and made me watch the torment on the cross.
I heard everything but I don't know the language, so I didn't understand what they said, the soldiers, the 'multitude'.
But language is not needed to understand the thorns, the nails, the spurting blood, warm and full of torment.
Nor the timeless cry "Eloi", (Why Eloi, Why not the Eli I am familiar with ?)

And now I know Mel Gibson got most of it wrong. But I am not free to describe what I saw and heard.

Dear Mother, I only asked you what You felt on that fateful day. Only what You felt.

Ave Maria

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