Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The truth

You called me suddenly.
As always, I obeyed.
You smiled as you always do,
And I knew why I was summoned.
Your most joyous days are coming.

The day your son,
My brother
Rejoined his father.
In the heaven whence He came
For the succor of all

Holy of Holies,
I know this.
I know this so well,
Because you have told me so often.
And always with this same glad smile.

Dearest Mother,
Your ways are now my secret too
You chose to include me in your embrace
I do not yet know why
And I seek not to know why

And yet
Without fail You call me
Year after glorious year
And without fail, I come
Until I can no longer come

And then I will be with thee
And thy son
And the father
And all will be with us
And I know this is the truth

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