Thursday, March 29, 2012


Why did you take three days to come back? Why not on the same day or the next? Is it another way of explaining the trinities of your life. Let me see. You knew all  along what was going to happen.You knew and even told the disciples what was going to happen and who would be the instrument. You could have gotten away but chose to end it the way it ended. And then you waited for the third day.

I ask you this from my mother's side. You need to tell me brother. I need to know. And you must tell me about the miracles, all the miracles you performed. Is it because without miracles people wouldn't have believed you, taken your message seriously.  But did they, even after all the miracles.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jesus Rises

Jesus Rises

On the crucifix, with the two men on either side of him Jesus says to one of them: "Before the day is over you will be with me in paradise".(Luke 23:43). Herein lies the clue to Resurrection.

Jesus is crucified. He speaks to the man next to him, the man who said to him " Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom" (Luke 23:42). About three hours later Jesus surrendered his soul unto the Father. Three days later he rose from the dead and emerged from the tomb.

The resurrected body of Jesus was the same which was taken down from the cross, with all the wounds and marks. The body was physical and could be touched, although we do not know  if Thomas actually followed the instructions from Jesus in John 20:27 to tocuh his wounds, something Mary of Magdalene was apparently not permitted to do. But, unlike Tomas, Mary Magdalene did not need to touch the body to be convinced, because she never doubted who it was. It was Rabboni. Maybe she was not forbidden to touch the body, but only told that she should wait. And yet this body could pass through a locked door (John 20:26).

How does this resurrection differ from all the resurrections from dead mentioned in the bible, especially that of Lazarus and Tabitha. No mention is made of the final end of Lazarus or Tabitha. But Luke (24:52), Mark (16:19), Acts (1:9-10) mention the ascension of Jesus into heaven.(Mark).

For one thing the rising of Lazarus and Tabitha involved a physical invocation by a human agency ( Jesus and Peter). The New Testament is silent about the last moments of Lazarus and Tabitha, whether they uttered any words and if so what.  In the case of the crucified Jesus there were two humans crucified along with him. One reviles Jesus, the other begs him to remember him once he is joined with his father. At this point Jesus assures him that before the day is over he will be with Jesus in paradise (apparently this is not the same as heaven, as a friend of mine pointed out Jesus spent time in the hell for forty days-why does forty keep recurring?).

From the time Jesus said this till the time he passed away there was darkness. He, by his own words went to his Father. The father is God. God is in his kingdom. And the kingdom of god is "within you"(Luke 17:21). Therefore Jesus went into the hearts and souls of men, as he told the good man crucified along with him. For "you shall be with me" is the same as "I shall be with you".  The cave in which he was buried is the heart of man. He spent the next three days (or forty days), inspiring goodness in the heart of men, all men because he did not go into just one man. Once the heart is cleansed and the soul is wiling to accept the Christ, he resurrects.

This resurrection is not merely the resurrection witnessed by Mary of Magdalene. The resurrected Yeshua is the spirit dwelling within the cleansed soul of men. This is a spiritual resurrection of the soul of every man and woman who accepts the spirit of the son of man within himself. And it occurs every day, every moment. Resurrection is the rising of one's own soul from the depths of darkness after Jesus has cleansed it.

The two days he spent within the grotto of our soul is eternity. For if it terminates, then goodness ends. The Resurrection is an everlasting promise by the son of man that the True Follower  will never be abandoned by God. You shall be with me before this day is over. This day could be any day, for death hides behind every moment. And Jesus says he shall be with us before our day is over. Not His day, for that day can never be over. The Word which was from the beginning can never cease to be. There Jesus cannot ever cease.

The Resurrection is the message to all men that if only you would accept the son of man, he would gladly dwell in your soul. He would gladly partake of your mortality. And be not afraid, because before this day is over you shall be with me. As I am within you always.
With the passing of millennia and the literal reading of the holy scripture, the spiritual meaning of Crucifixion and Resurrection has been lost in the drama of a physical resurrection. (explain Rabboni).

Monday, March 5, 2012


Lazarus was raised from the dead by Jesus.(John 11:43). Jesus rose from the tomb. And Peter raised Tabitha from death (Acts 9:40)
What is the difference between the resurrection of Jesus and the other resurrections in the New Testament.
In the case of Lazarus and Tabitha a direct physical intervention by a human order was needed (for the moment we consider Jesus the man). In the resurrection of Jesus however only divine powers were involved. There was no direct human hand involved. One could say that Jesus was resurrected by God, which is Himself.
Why mention several resurrections in the old and new testaments when the resurrection of Jesus was so paramount. The reason is that only by the de novo resurrection of Jesus could the difference be demonstrated with stunning clarity, without any words. The son of man, and the son of god combines in the Christ to resurrect himself.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Nail

The Way of the Nail
He was nearly unconscious. All he could hear were muffled roars like distant thunder and he knew they were the people. His own people roaring for his blood. He couldnot see them. The blood caked on his eyes didnot allow vision.
He had been pushed down, on to something which felt like wood. Rough wood. The back of his head hit the wood hard and he winced. No sound escaped the clots on puffed lips. They had taken too many blows to feel such trivial pain.
He knew what was about to come. He wondered about the meaning of himself. Why? Why? There was no answer. The silence of eternity muffled the noises around him.
He felt the cold touch of the nail on his hand. Almost like a caress. he knew what would happen next. The kiss of the nail as it penetrated into his soul. But he was tranquil. He could feel no pain. Eli, why? I do not question you. But why?
The noises vanished, the sun and the sky disapperaed. There was only one reality-the burning in his hands. What is that? He realized instanlty-the cross. The first nail into the cross thorugh my hand. But why is there no pain ! Only the heavy ache of the metal forcing itself into his thin hand. The bones of the wrist were being crushed and he knew this. It is in the right hand. He realized with surprise that it hadn't occured to him till then- which hand would be the first to recieve the blessed nail. Here is the answer, he thought, it is the right hand which is crushed and nailed first.
He turned to look at the faithful hand which had held the staff for ... for how long? for eternity? Goodbye my friend, he wispered silently. You have served your purpose and I thank you. He tried to raise his left hand. But already it had been nailed into the wood. And I never even felt it ! He was amazed.Glory to you, my Father!

The Lost Sheep

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