Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holy Mother.

I wrote about the Trinity as you wanted me to.  Things I hadn't even thought about. Except of course, the first one, The  Holy Trinity. But then everyone knows that.

Today, I came to you and you want me to go beyond that.

Today you asked me to write about another trinity- the Birth, The Fusion, The Resurrection.

Dear Mother, have you no mercy ! 

I know nothing about these. I have accepted your word, Holy of Holies. I no longer speak or think about mundane crucifixion. I think nd write instead about The Fusion, the Return. I don't even believe in the last of the three. Yet you force my mind on its ultimate journey. Towards realizing You.

The last post was about the Triad of Trinities. If I add this how can I possiby explain the quad-rad of Trinities. Dearest Mother, are You pushing me to reveal two more Triads in Your Son's life.  I know them and they haunt me. Who knows this better than you. Yet you would have me write about them ? At the risk of my sanity ? All right, Divine Mother, Thy will be done !!

I will write what you order me to write.

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