Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maundy Thursday

Mother of All Creation
I came to you today
The day of the paschal
The day of La Ultima Cena
Because I was sure you woud have some message for me.
Forgive my arrogance in presuming to know Your will.

I saw your face resplendant
Your lips smiled
Your eyes smiled
Your whole body smiled

So, Mother, you knew.
You knew about the Return of your Son to His Realm.
You knew that tomorrow, on the cross, your son will give up his ghost
The same Holy Ghost that gave Him to You.

I understand.
Non entity that I am, still I understand,
I understand the meaning of Good before the Friday.
I understand your joy at the reunion.

I rejoice with you.
For today He decided to unite to with Himself
And we still know it.

Amen, Amon, Aum

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