Friday, March 18, 2011

The Experience

Dearest Mother
I waited one week before even attempting to put into mere words what you made endure, with indescribable happiness, the day the Lent began. I have no words adequate enough to describe what you revealed to me. The experience of the cross is beyond words. Not because of the pain. That is what you taught me. Not because of the brutal end. That is what you told me, Barbelo.

The agony of the cross is utter, hopeless helplessness. I was pinned down and surrounded by a great meaningless noise. I could not move. Not even a finger. The pain in the hands and feet left no mark, nor pain after the event. However I realized the everlasting meaning of the cry "Eli Eli" (Book of Psalms 22:2-3, Mark 15:34, Mat 27:46). Who would fail to understand the "lama sabachthani".

But, dear Mother, why did you choose to let me into the secret? I am so unworthy of this honor.

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