Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Follow Me

"Follow Me" (John 1:43).
That is what you ordered me today. That is the third straight command from you on "following".
And every time it has been the same- Follow me.
I have been trying to do that for ages.
Tell me how, Rabbi.
I know. Deny myself, Take up my cross and Follow You. (Matt 16:24) I know that routine.
I have denied myself. My cross has long been on my shoulders.
The part which remains and which baffles me  is following you.
And today is the third day you have ordered me to follow you.
How am I supposed to do that, Rabbi.
What does it mean- Follow me?
All this time and up to this time I thought I knew what it means and now you and our holy mother have revealed to me  that I know not, that "follow me" beckons to the depths of my ignorance.
You were looking at me when you gave that peremptory order, that order from across eons which would brook no denial.
I have seen the severity of your gaze and I do not wonder that the traveler to Damascus fainted on hearing your voice. The sonorous voice I have listened to with awe.
But I am no longer afraid.
Tell me the meaning of "Follow me".
And follow you, I shall.

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