Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Second Day

Today you were more benign.
I did see you
But You chose not to frighten me.
And the Mother,
She too was all  smiles

And you took me to John 17:4.
What do you mean by "finished the work you gave me to do" ?
It is not over, rabbi
If it were over why am I still a sinner?
Why have people forgotten to love their enemies?

And the question I asked you yesterday
The question which infuriated you
Remains unanswered.
When will you tell me why you chose the path of suffering,
You who are part of god, and full of power.
I know the standard answers, Brother, but that is not enough
For I know that those answers are only partly right.

Maybe some day, you will regard me as worthy of the true answer.

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