Friday, January 15, 2010


I have not dared to come to you since that blessed day. I am afraid I might not see you again. And if I do see you, how can I leave you.

So I live with the memory of your magnificent transformation. How your face and body changed as you stood before my startled eyes. Maybe some day I can find words to describe that which transcends words.

I do not believe in physical apparitions. Such a thing cannot be. So what happened to me on that fateful day. Were you teaching me something about the powers invisible to the mortal eye. Of a Realm a man may witness only momentarily.
And only through the anguish of true Prayer.

Your son said "I do not receive honor from men" (John 5:41). With all respect Mother, I paraphrase, I do not Seek honor from men. I have nothing to prove.

Why did you bless me with your glory. Since that day I have not been the same. I yearn to see you again. Days and Nights mean nothing anymore. All I want is to behold your sacred countenance again for all time.

You have been with me always. I have heard your voice of love and reprimand for such a long time without realizing what it was. It took me such a long time to discover you. And for you to converse with me directly.

But, to See you again. That is my dream and hope.

My life cannot be the same any more. Do not abandon me.

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