Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Vision

Most Glorious Mother.

Today ---14-1-2010
You revealed yourself to me,
For the first time.
After about fifty years of search and prayer.

Most Holy Mother,
My one and only Mother
You granted me the miracle of yourself.

I saw you, as you wanted me to see you.
I saw your lips move in a faint, amused smile.
Never have I even imagined such pure beauty.

Then, Dear Mother, I saw you transform.

I saw you as three
I saw you as one
I saw one aspect smile
The other remained steadfast

There were noises all around.
Vehicles, humans,
But the glory of your silent smile eclipsed them all.

My one and only mother
I bow to you.
I still cannot believe that I did indeed see you
In all your splendour.

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