Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sin and Punishment

Holy Mother.

I have fallen out of your grace,
I no longer hear your sweet voice
I no longer feel the effulgence of your all embracing love
I see pity, and sympathy on your face.

My own mother
My only mother,
I do not seek pity
Nor do I seek sympathy.

But without your love I cannot survive.
I am your son, and your son only.
I do not demand your love.
I beseech your love.
For without your love, daughter of Anne,
I am no more.

Have I sinned.
No doubt I have.
Mother of my dreams,
Mother ethereal
I do not ask you to forgive me
I seek not atonement
I seek not absolution
I seek not pardon

Punish me.
But my dear Mother
Do not cease to love me

Without your love I cannot survive.

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