Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Second Visit

Most Holy Mother.

I came to you today-19/01/2010. I was worried that my eyes had merely imagined what my very being had yearned for so long to behold. And you know, Mother, that you are part of my being.

But after teasing me for a while, You revealed yourself again. I saw you again, my beloved mother. This time I saw your body undulate as if from a heavenly breeze. Only your glorious face remained steady and radiant. And the expression on your face baffled me. Never have I seen a face look like that. I still have not the faintest clue how those myriad expressions co-existed on your face.

I do not understand your meaning. I do not understand your cryptic smile at the end. I do not understand what divine message you are trying to make me understand.

Mother, my training is in science. I have always held that faith applies only to the ever diminishing domain that science slowly but steadily uncovers. And now you have left me confused. Logic tells me this cannot be. But my heart is moved beyond logic, beyond words. Your love makes me feel worthless.

I left early today. I need to think. I need to analyze. But for real answers I will have to come to you, Theotokos

What I experience now is way beyond me.

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