Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today you went to Gethsemane. And leaving Peter and others behind you followed your own advice- you prayed alone. Today the final stones were rolled, the avalanche has started. It was beyond control now. Maybe you could have gotten away, but that was not part of the plan. Then you need not have annoyed so many powers so many times in so many ways. You wanted to end it this way. A little drama always helps. But this was not drama. This was real. The mortal body was to be shed. And it was to be shed fearfully, and in great agony. The darkness of the garden hid the human in you, the human pleaded to have the cup taken away, but only if the giver of the cup was so inclined. Didn't you mean the cup of life? That the cup of life be removed finally, so that you may rejoin the glorious father. After all, nobody before you had dared to call God "Father". That was your prerogative.  This was your choice, you exercised your choice. Judas was but a pawn, so were  Caiaphas, Herod, Pilate. So were the soldiers. This was a choice you made.
You were alone in the midst of the multitude. For there are are no companions on the cross.
Brother, I behold thee. Full of sorrow, deserted by all but a few. But Resolute.
But until you tell em I cannot know more.

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