Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Scourging

Today, at this moment you are probably back from Herod's place and in the violent arms of the soldiers.
The human body is frail and weak. 
But you had to assume the human form because for some reason God loves humans more than pigeons.
And has counted every hair on each head.

And Ishwa, today you told me why the scourging and the extreme violence done to your body was necessary.
The human body and the mind trapped inside it is capable of anger and grief  and could weep as well as love. These are emotions. And he who would sit with God cannot be victim to emotions. Because if God has emotions then God is not perfect and God is perfect because otherwise God is not God at all. And you are the son of god. Yet the human frame compelled you to errors of judgement, may be, or errors of thought, maybe. You only hinted at that, my beloved brother and teacher. I realize fully that what I said just now is heresy ! And the body had to be punished, taught that it cannot go unaccountable.

My good and kind teacher, if you had so chosen then you could have chosen so very differently. And yet you chose this way and this truth and this life.

Tomorrow I must witness your choice of the end. maybe after that you will tell me what resurrection is all about.

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