Monday, April 2, 2012

The triad of days

Dear Brother. I address you as brother, being born of the same father and the same mother. And also as my brother in spirit.

There is nobody here now, but you and me and of that You are the Reality and I the Illusion. Speak freely with me. This is my request. And my prayer.

Let me try to understand what you told me today. Because I did indeed hear you with my soul. The same voice that has spoken to me earlier, at least on two occasions. I know your voice so well, reverberating across eons and millennia.

So on Sunday (of the palm) you entered Jerusalem. After three days, on Thursday, (or was it Wednesday) came the last supper. Three days later, on Sunday occurred the resurrection. I maybe wrong with the days but I am sure I am right about their meaning.

You went to the city deliberately planning to annoy the powers in charge. You have said so yourself. You knew how the events would unfold, you told your disciples, you even told them the instrument that would bring about the event. And in Gethsemane you asked the Father that if  it pleased him,  remove the the cup (Luke 22:42). Surely you knew and were fully aware of what would unfold shortly.

So I base myself on yourself. On your own words as you told me. The days were chosen to fall three days apart. A trinity of days, another remarkable trinity of all the trinities that surround you. You must have chosen the days yourself, for who else can choose them for you. And you chose to discard the human frame and now comes the question that still leaves me baffled. Why did you choose to resurrect? You assumed the same blood stained body. The same wounds. Why? You must have known that many Thomases would not believe mere verbal testimony. Not many are capable of such love as Mary Magdalene, who did not for a moment doubt. Her attempted embrace was one of adoration and You told her that is not necessary. But Thomas, you asked to feel the bleeding wounds for himself. I do not know if he actually did feel them. So the followers were of three kinds- those whose mind accepted you with no question what so ever (Mary Magdalene), those who believed ardently once it was proved to them (Thomas and later Saul), and thirdly those who were neither Marys nor Thomases.

My Brother and Lord, You have more secrets for me, I asked you some today. Answer me if I am worthy.

After all, I was sent by our Mother.

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